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We offer customized software solutions for the Fintech Industry. We can build innovative, white-labelled platforms for your business including customer relationship management (CRM), servicing and syndication platforms and phone systems. Because of our dedicated, creative team, we can customize the services and branding to your desires.

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The Highest
Level of security

We’re ISO 27001 certified and uses SDLC to address security measures. This allows us to release merchant cash advance underwriting software and solutions fully compatible with local and international data privacy


Our cash advance software is developed with the help of 20+ prebuilt modules that cover lending management processes end-to-end and can be modified and configured according to your request.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-driven MCA Software transforms lending through automated underwriting, risk assessment, and personalized offers. With streamlined document workflows and data-driven decisions, we bring unparalleled efficiency to the lending process.


Our team of experienced designers, software developers, and quality assurance specialists are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for your business. They work closely with you throughout the entire development process, ensuring your vision is translated into a high-quality, custom-built solution.

Quick delivery while
ensuring quality

We understand the importance of time-sensitive projects. Iocods efficient development processes and white-labelled solutions allow us to deliver your software solution quickly without compromising on quality. We adhere to strict testing policies and procedures throughout the development cycle, guaranteeing a reliable and robust final product.


We believe in tailored solutions. We take the time to understand your unique business needs and challenges. From custom functionalities to specific branding, we personalize every aspect of the software to fit seamlessly into your existing ecosystem and reflect your brand identity. This ensures a solution that truly empowers your business.

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